Society 2.0: Cheaters and Twinkies

General and the beloved Twinkies were the sticky topics on Twitter this week.


General David Petraeus in happier times. (AP Photo/ San Tang)

Nothing gets Washington as hot and bothered as a good, old-fashioned scandal, particularly when it involves the CIA, FBI and mistresses. After word broke of General David Petraeus‘ affair with his biographer, , he swiftly resigned as head of the CIA, and with his biography titled “All In,” the Twitter jokes practically wrote themselves:

“If the CIA Dir. can’t keep the FBI out of his private Gmail account, what #privacy protections do you have? #Petraeus” via ALA Washington Office @ala_wo

“America, what an odd place. Where one advances to the highest echelons for killing thousands, and then is fired for loving one. #Petraeus” via The Dowager Countess @theLadyGrantham

“If you’re head of the CIA & can’t hide your mistress from your wife it means it can’t be done. Case closed. Sorry fellas. #Petraeus #FBI” via Chris Rock ‘Oz’ @chrisrockozfan

“Looks like #Petraeus biographer saw his briefs… And classified info, too #petraeusjokes” via Paul Lander @paul_lander

“”All In.” Book title you wish you could take back after admitting affair with your biographer. #Petraeus” via Tom Bergeron @Tom_Bergeron

In other sticky news, the Twitosphere was devastated by the announcement that Hostess would be shuttering its doors after filing for bankruptcy twice in 10 years. That means no more Snowballs, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs or other unfortunately named sweet treats. But the junk food with the most loyal fan base appeared to be the Twinkie:

“The bad news is Hostess is closing forever…..the good news is if you stock up on Twinkies now they will last till 2099” via Shoshanna Handler @shohandy

“Hostess was ’s .” via Steven Amiri @stevenamiri

“Perhaps @google can buy the brand/recipe? ? RT @nytimes ? Why this may not be the end for Twinkies:” via Jerome C. Pandell @JeromePandell

“eating twinkies produced by non-union labor will be an act of class treason, punishable by obesity” via Gavin Mueller @gavinsaywhat

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