Fashionable Life: Trends from DC Fashion Week’s International Couture Show

The most accessible and stunning trends from the Fall 2016 International Couture show.

Designers from around the world gathered in the city last week to present at DC Fashion Week. Each year, the week concludes with an international couture runway show. From Estonia to Cambodia, Thailand to France, collection after collection of unique fashion rolled down the runway. Check out the head-turning trends from the Fall 2016 presentation that can easily translate into your own wardrobe.

Less is More

Minimalism doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This time around, the trend takes on a touch of utilitarianism. No-frills designs and muted tones kept these looks teetering on the side of androgyny, showing that minimal does not equal boring.

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World Traveler

It is no wonder an international fashion show embraced a number of multicultural, globetrotting looks. With cultural headwear and tribal-inspired patterns, this season’s models looked like they would be more at home on a jet runway than a fashion one.


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Wild Thang

Animal print gets an upgrade with this season’s take on the wild side: fur, feathers, and life-like appliqués.

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This blue-green shade appeared across collections. Ranging from pale mints to deep jewel tones, the color boasts a variation flattering for each skin tone.

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Metallic Shimmer 

This season’s version of metallics is more toned-down than Spring 2016’s lamé. Metallic details and woven fabrics kept the effect soft and shimmering, not full-on reflective, making this trend all the more perfect for day-to-night (although especially mesmerizing in evening gowns).

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Mother Nature

Many plant-inspired pieces hit the runway. Illusion cut-outs and floral appliqué’s proposed something other than the custom floral print, and their effect is beautiful but striking.

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Another popping hue took over this season’s runway: marigold. Deeper shades will liven up dark and neutral cold-weather palettes, while shades of lemon will transition you straight into spring.

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Stripes of all sorts appeared across several of this season’s looks. Some of the lines were fine, acting as details to overall looks, while others were bold and took center stage. For the pattern-shy, stripes are an easy and chic way to incorporate some variety into your look.

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All photos courtesy of René Vincit,

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