Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
Presidential Advisors

For several months, it was a case of the son-in-law also rises. Even stripped of the intelligence access needed to work on his assigned areas and knee deep in a financial investigation, Kushner’s future as a dollar- a-year official presidential advisor appears secure. Kushner and his wife Ivanka continue to maintain strong ties to many powerful individuals across the globe including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (an old family friend and house guest of the Kushners), the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef Al Otaiba (through Trump confidante Thomas Barrack), Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as well as a host of Russian oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich and Lev Leviev, who together with Kushner are part of the small but powerful international orthodox Hasidic “Chabad movement.” Notably, Abramovich and Leviev (who are also said to be two of Putin’s closest confidants) helped arrange for Rabi Berel Lazar of Chabad to become the chief Rabbi of Russia, aka “Putin’s Rabbi.” According to Politico, in the early 2000s Donald “Trump would seek out Russian projects and capital by joining forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, led by Soviet emigres Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir – who maintain close ties to Chabad.” A number of other well- known oligarchs are also members of Chabad with Kushner including Len Blavatnik and Alexander Mashkevitch (see Jones Day entry). As for Ivanka, it is assumed she continues to have the president’s ear, and he trusts her like no one else. She has represented the country on his behalf in travels around the world, including at the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic games.

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