Power 100: Richard Fairbank

Richard Fairbank
Chairman and CEO, Capital One Financial Corp

“What’s in your wallet?” is Capital One’s familiar advertising slogan. In Fairbank’s case, the answer is $1 billion. In 2017, Fairbanks became one of four bank CEOs to have reached the billion-dollar pinnacle. And he knows Jennifer Garner, who is featured in the company’s numerous TV ads. Since Capital One was launched in 1994, Fairbank has built it into the seventh biggest U.S. commercial bank ranked by assets with 4,500 employees, 1,000 branches in six states and $27.2 billion in revenue. He collects no salary but over the past three years has averaged $18 million in cash bonuses, stock and options awards from the bank, according to Bloomberg. At 67, he still plays ice hockey.

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