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Bachelors and Spinsters Ball

Bachelors and Spinsters Ball

Steven Yerkoich & Michael Farnum

Carl Roeth & Jud Crowe

Phil Collecter, Sherry Shirazi & Bill Bogart

Chris Van Roijen & Caleb Ward

Mansour Kismanchi,
Christina Flagler Martin & Chris Goto

Katherine & Lindsay Spiller

Melissa Farnum, Michael
Kleeblatt & Sam Farnum

Pricilla Dame

Singles Making Merry

The women keep getting younger, andthe men, well they keep getting youngerwomen to enjoy their company at the annualBachelors and Spinsters Ball. Three hundredguests came out for the spring rite of passagefor elite singles at the City Tavern Club inGeorgetown on April 5. In keeping withtradition, the ball was chaired by Chris vanRoijen (as he has for the past 28 years); thisyear John Cecchi served on the committee.And, in keeping with tradition, guests wereexpected to be in black-tie attire. Dressingdown prompted a much-publicized dressingdown by ball chair van Roijen.

Caroline Elting

Laura Traq, Tom Snedeker
& Cristal Cipriani

Beverly Cenname

Deborah Blair

Chris Larson & Sara Miller

Sonya Bernhardt, Estee Amsellum, JohnMcManus & Karen Williams

Lawrence Secrest

Dustee Tucker & Claudia Kreisle


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