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The Many Hats Institute and NIAC Fundraiser
45,000 dead and 2,000 Orphaned

In response to the devastating earthquake in Iran that destroyed the ancient city of Bam and took the lives of 45,000 Iranians, the Many Hats Institute and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) hosted back-to-back benefits at Sesto Senso and Andalu on January 22 to benefit the Earthquake Relief Fund for Orphans (ERFO). “Guest” bartenders served up cocktails at Sesto Senso and ended the evening at Andalu with dancing to cutting-edge house music by up-and-coming local DJ’s. The event, which raised about $6,000, drew a great mix of both younger and older Iranians and non-Iranians.

The ERFO plans to create an individual fund for each of the estimated 2,000 children orphaned from the tragic earthquake.


Vanessa Ugo and Chap Gage Fabian Koss and Harry Dubin
George Webb and Jamie Sterling
Dinah Tijerino, Joan Koss and Patricia Beggiato


Skip Henderson and Sonia Morales Christian Josi, Kerry McAteer and Edmund Bergassi
Ali and Talat Nazhand Sonia Goravanchi, Maria Goravanchi and Brigid Moore

Photos by Vicky Pombo

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