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Environmental Working Group’s Green Salon
PFCs: Do you have it in you?

Environmental Working Group (EWG) supporters gathered at D.C.’s premier organic eatery, Restaurant Nora, to mingle with experts and learn more about a relatively unknown family of toxins known as perfluorochemicals (PFCs) at one of the group’s Green Salons in November. PFCs are highly slippery heat-stable compounds found in ScotchGard, Gore-Tex and other products used to repel stains and water— they are ubiquitous in everything from airplanes to household cleaners to fast food packaging. Research shows that PFCs are highly persistent and toxic pollutants of human blood and wildlife throughout the world. Chemical giant DuPont is currently involved in a lawsuit with the Environmental Protection Agency for illegally suppressing health and water pollution data on Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), a synthetic PFC used in the manufacture of Teflon. Guests at EWG’s Green Salon also had the opportunity to have their blood sent to be screened for the levels of 11 PFCs as well as mercury, a toxic metal commonly found in seafood. Between 96-98 percent of Americans test positive for PFCs.

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