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Self-Promotion 101
Trying to make it big in the social blogette-o-sphere for 15 minutes of fame

No doubt about it - Georgetown scenesters have caught spring fever. The object of their affection however isn’t the newest tipsy, Lilly-clad temptress to get her B.A. in only six years. Something much more basic – self-love – has got them swooning this time, and the idea of airing their trysts, nights out at The Rookery and brunches at Peacock Café with anyone who has a computer or a television. It all started when the first casting call went out for a PB & J TV production of a Washington-based reality show centered around that perennial bastion of good taste, Late Night Shots.com. It seemed like a good fit: PB & J is a reputable production company behind such E! (or whatever) channel favorites as Miss America Reality Check and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search. Late Nights Shots is the place to go if you want to seriously debate whether oral sex in public is trashy. But, a TV show based on the after-hours debacles of young Washington? It’s definitely not the type of self-exploitation that you’d think future politicians would sign up for, right? Wrong. It seems that younger Washingtonians are more eager for their fifteen minutes of fame than anybody guessed. While no official casting announcements have been made, don’t rule anyone out. Most would be surprised to learn that man-boy-about-town John Cecchi was twice selected to be The Bachelor and asked to audition for The Apprentice. (He wisely declined all of these opportunities). Hometown hotties Lanah Hamilton and Tessa Horst both went looking for love on the The Bachelor, as well. There is no shame in self-promotion these days. The easiest way to broadcast one’s coolerthan- thou life is starting a blog. The Washington offerings range from interesting experiments with and sustainthe English language to downright drivel. Not that anyone’s dropping their Economist to read this stuff. You’re right to feel a bit of US-Weekly brain-death guilt while reading items such as: “Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day as we rallied a dozen wonderful ladies for a brunch at Café Milano.” It’s a guilty pleasure populated by its own characters; there’s the bonne vivante former Miss D.C. Kate Michael on www.KstreetKate. net; the gold-standard: Pamela Sorensen on www.pamelaspunch.com; and zealous new-comer Katherine Kennedy: www. kkindc.blogspot.com. Each month these sites receive several thousand visitors who just have to know how the writers hit The Park on Fourteenth, then met up with Wright Sigmund at L2, went to the chef ’s table at Teatro Goldoni, followed by the Four Seasons for another drink, after which they woke up today and are “sooo psyched!” to do it all over again.
How Fabulous! Rumor has it that one blog has many “green” themed postings because the bloggette hopes to woo the handsome Phillippe Cousteau, while another recently started her bolog to position herself as a blogger for their television application. Instead of posting
on a website, one young Georgetown socialite actually takes it upon herself to email hundreds of strangers regaling them with her daily escapades. Last’s week message, titled “My 60 Seconds of Fame on Saturday” (insert smiley face icon here) chronicled onstage jumping up and down and included photographs of her night with the band Burnt Siena. You have to give her credit, however. It’s an original way to self-promote. More recently, people have taken to conducting popularity polls on Latenightshots. com. “Who’s the most popular in scene?” “Who’s the most popular at the bars?” “Who’s the new IT girl?” Pray your name never ends up as the subject of these postings. There’s something very important in the art of interpersonal relationships. Everyone seems to have forgotten that subtlety is the most effective way of becoming popular, and always has been. People we really notice are the ones who aren’t trying to seize the spotlight, but instead are making a difference in this city. Take the subject of last month’s “Who’s Next,” Phillippa Hughes, a steady hand in the art community. We called her; she didn’t call us. People whom we should be paying attention to would never grab the cyber-megaphone. Remember who the real stars of this show are, and they’ll be around a lot longer than it takes to blog a liquor-promo cocktail party at this month’s hot new bottle service club.
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