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entertainment took place off stage in a heated exchange between presidential advisor Karl Rove and “Inconvenient Truth” producer Laurie David over global warming. The buzz traveled faster than DSL and stole the show. Little introduced himself as a “nightclub performer who does a lot of dumb, stupid jokes.” Right on! “We comedians don’t have malpractice insurance,” Mark Russell offered. “He was in a tough spot. It’s exactly what happened to me with President Reagan back in the ’80s. A lot of people were killed that week. He said, ‘This is no time to be funny, here’s Mark Russell.’” Most ridiculous scene of the night? Ousted American Idol hopeful Sanjaya surrounded by bodyguards, publicists and autograph hounds. “It’s always kind of interesting to watch how people really spend so much time clamoring to get the attention of these ‘celebrities’ who we won’t even recognize a year from now,” said ABC Radio’s Chris Berry. “Unless you’re a Kennedy, by the way, big hair and big teeth don’t work.” The Washington Post’s Amy Argetsinger had this to say: “In a couple of years we’re going to look back upon this as the last great White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The whole thing is going to implode under its own weight.”

Guests bolted to the Bloomberg after party at the Embassy of Costa Rica, where namesake Michael held court. The opulent surroundings sucked in Petra Nemcova, presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, Kerry Washington, Al Hunt, Joe Scarborough, Valerie Bertinelli, Michelle Kwan, Andrea Mitchell and Bill Paxton. (They all played in colored lights, drank colored drinks and went home in white slippers.)
“Bloomberg made me who I am right now,” said Media Bistro’s Patrick Gavin (tongue in cheek). “Bathrobes and tubs, this is who I am. I want to thank the Bloomberg Empire for that. A lot of people spend a lot of money on self help books and therapy and all I needed was a good Bloomberg after party.” On the essence of temporary power, Bloomberg event organizer Judith Czelusniak remarked: “There’s no time for reveling in the pre-party attention. At 3 a.m. I pick up a cocktail for the first time all night and think, ‘yep, we did it again.’”

To friends of Christopher Hitchens: “Not my invitation list, only my apartment.” Translation: come at you own peril. Vanity Fair’s bash resurfaced at his Kalorama residence boasting a clubby, chummy atmosphere that delivered Supreme Court Justice Antonin



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