Future of Work

February 21, 2019 - 05:30 PM / 08:00 PM


CTA Innovation House 21 D Street Southeast Washington, DC 20003

Klaxoon radically improves teamwork efficiently and has been adopted by millions of users in 120 countries.
Klaxoon is currently conducting a 11 weeks, 16 cities tour bringing the Meeting Revolution to the USA.

This Future of Work event organized by Klaxoon and CTA will feature keynote speakers and a round-table by leading experts.

Including Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg, Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology. He will be discussing his latest book, The Surprising Science of Meetings : How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance, which was named by Washington Post the #1 book on leadership for 2019.

The workshop will highlight new approaches to support collaboration and engagement for effective meetings across organizations. Attendees will learn practical ways to increase engagement, facilitate better and faster decisions, improve information retention, encourage creativity and track actionable outcomes.

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