The Blind Spots Album Release Party! w/ DCeivers & Swamp Kids!

February 16, 2019 - 07:00 PM


The Pinch

The Blind Spots are coming to DC with their new record in tow!

The Pinch
3548 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

The Blind Spots –
The DCeivers –
The Swamp Kids –

$10 All Ages

The Blind Spots, a five-piece moxy rock band fronted by the powerful female vocals of Maddy Walsh, hail from Ithaca, NY and have been touring up and down the east coast for the past few years. This show in D.C. will be a special one, since The Blind Spots will have their new record, Talk, in tow.

The songs for the record were written in the band’s hometown in Upstate New York over the course of a couple years, but they took them to Nashville to record with friend and music producer Nick Bullock at Awake Studios, and although the vibe for the synth- and electric guitar-heavy pop rock record set itself, the band couldn’t help but be influenced, at least in small part, by the Nashville sound: the last track on the record, which became the title of the album, was written on the second to last night during their stay, and upon hearing the group messing around with it during a dinner break, Bullock said, “Can you finish that by tonight? I think we need to track it…It should be on this record.”

“Talk” is a stripped down version of The Blind Spots’ usual high-energy, glammy, synthy pop rock sound (a mixture they call “moxy rock”) and features acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, no drums, and just one lone vocal, as opposed to the many layers of backup parts and harmonies lead singer Walsh usually uses to color in their recordings. “It was one of the quickest songs we’ve ever written…and it’s one of the ones I’m most proud of,” said Walsh. The lyrics are earnest and vulnerable and express a desire and a promise to hear out the opposition, which Walsh feels is particularly important during this time of deep political divide in our country.

The Blind Spots released the album at the end of 2018 in conjunction with a ten-year “bandiversary” celebration to a sold-out theatre in Ithaca and invited all the past band members to sit in on different songs. They performed three sets and debuted a documentary-short created to commemorate the anniversary (called Talkin’ Ten Years, found on the band’s YouTube channel), and this will be the first tour since the album’s release. The album has begun to gain some traction. “Now we just need 100,000 more people to hear it!” said songwriter and guitar player Mike Suave, “which is what touring is all about. We believe in this record, and we’re psyched to get it into the ears of fans and reach people who’ve never heard of us. In a way, even after ten years, this feels like the beginning. We finally have exactly the music we’ve been striving to make.”

The Blind Spots’ D.C. album release party will be on Saturday, February 16th at The Pinch. The will be joined D.C. natives The DCeivers and The Swamp Kids (also from Ithaca, NY). Pick up a copy of Talk on CD, all new merchandise, and browse The Blind Spots’ Thrift Shop for secondhand punk SWAG. Expect The Blind Spots’ signature brand of high-energy rock n roll; soaring, goosebump-inspiring singing, a socially conscious edge, big fun, and hugs…they hug a lot. Each other and you.

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