House Call

by Editorial
A poolside statue.

A poolside statue.

A voracious reader, Haseltine maintains two libraries on the second floor of his home. One resembles a Tudor-style study hall with leaded glass windows, wood paneling and wing chairs arranged around a fireplace. The other, used as an office, was remodeled by the scientist with cherry book shelves placed around the periphery. Behind the custom-designed, wrap-around desk, a plant-filled terrarium sprouts orchids and other exotic species. “It’s nice to work in a garden all year round,” he says.

Inspiration comes from a Chinese drawing of a contemplative scholar and a carved Indian Shiva. Over the fireplace next to his desk, a framed black-and-white image shows two different cell types of the immune system key to the transmission of the AIDS virus. It is a picture that Haseltine says reminds him of his continuing commitment to fighting disease and extending human life.

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