Sweden on the Potomac

by Editorial
A hallway with the circular dot motif

A hallway with the circular dot motif

Swedish architects Gert Wingårdh and Tomas Hansen won the transatlantic competition to create “the crown jewel” of Sweden’s embassies worldwide. Along with the chancery, there is exhibition space, 19 corporate apartments, a high-tech business event center and a roof garden.

After a delay moving in (would you believe a flood), Ambassador Lund and his staff of 50 are finding it easy to get used to picture card views from their office windows, riding up and down the sexy, see-through elevator and walking through a waterfall to go to lunch in Georgetown.

Gunnar Lund, a self-proclaimed “exercise freak” has already requested a sports shower, changing room and storage for the canoe, kayak and shell he plans to buy for the staff to exercise on the Potomac. Of course, he’ll be the first one out there.

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