2007 The Young and The Guest List

by Editorial
Erika Gutierrez and Marco Minuto

Erika Gutierrez and Marco Minuto

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about a party and much like romantic chemistry it’s either there or it’s not. More often than not it’s the guests of a party, which add the flair that makes an event a success or “just another party.” Our 2nd annual The Young and the Guest List presents Washington members of society under 40, who, to cut to the chase, are the je ne sais quoi of the young social scene. The list represents a generation of social up and comers and firmly established personalities, who have proven themselves through their philanthropic and professional efforts, and style. Our social committee welcomes suggestions below

Miss Huma Abedin
Mr. James Alefantis
Mr. Michael Allen
Mr. Steve Andronico

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