Marriott Books a Modern Master

by Editorial

This is the reason that Marriott and I decided to collaborate on a new vision and a plan to radically rethink the boutique hotel, and to catapult into the present by capturing the spirit of the times.  The new brand we’re creating reflects changing lifestyles and caters to a vast, under-served market of guests who expect a unique experience from a boutique hotel, not merely a place to sleep.  We intend to make this type of lodging widely accessible and available for the first time in key lodging destinations across the globe, and to everybody around the world who wants it.

I’m excited about how quickly our concept is being embraced, with 10 locations signed up within six months of announcing our partnership and many, many more in the pipeline.  It’s fitting that Washington D.C., will be one the first sites.  The hotels will average 150-200 rooms, each reflecting the best of the cultural and social milieu of its location and of the times.

The brand’s unifying aesthetic is its approach and attitude to the modern lifestyle rather than its appearance, with design and architecture derived from the scale, location and atmosphere of the individual properties.  This brand is about an attitude, about a feeling rather than a look.  Our partnership allows us to open these hotels on a grand scale, something that wasn’t possible before our collaboration.  I just love the scope of it.

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