2008 The Young and The Guest List

WL’s highly anticipated list of those we consider are the future leaders of Washington.

Left to right: Michelle and Adrian FEnty, Kirsten Pollin, Joel Limmerick and Katie Post, Phillippe Cousteau, and Mae Haney Grennan and Michelle Haney Maddux.

Left to right: Michelle and , , and , , and Grennan and Maddux.

Since its debut two years ago, the release of The Young & The Guest List annually creates quite a buzz. The issue sells out in three-days, we receive lengthy nomination letters and last year, several tried to crash our party. We become just as excited about this issue, because it seems this is the only time the spotlight is brightly shined on the under forty set whose formidable accomplishments including best-selling books, multi-million dollar companies, congressional seats and mayorships sometimes go without their deserved fanfare.

Each year, we sit down with a committee to compile a list of 150 members who significantly contribute to the vibrancy of city. More often their names are unknown: are sometimes overshadowed by their boss (these range from the President to financial heavyweight David Rubenstein), perhaps they rarely go out because their writing groundbreaking State policy on Africa or maybe they are helping to securing an election for their candidate. Make no doubt though, these are the future faces of Washington, who behind the scenes are an integral part of making this country work. Listees range from the president of the Corcoran 1869 Society to our very own Mayor and his wife, to award-winning filmmakers and authors. For the third time, we present The Young & The Guest List.

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