2008 The Young and The Guest List Graduates

by Editorial

A year ago you could walk into any Georgetown bar and without question, you would recognize a least twenty faces, if not more. Not the case anymore. We’re not really sure of the crowd that’s taken over Smith Point (who are these kids?) But, we are sure that the traditional Georgetown scene has descimitated throughout the city. Perhaps this was because better and newer venues keep opening downtown when K Street Lounge pushed the domino effect that then pushed Lima, Lotus and Fly to open. Maybe this is in part because no one cares anymore Buch/Chaney ’04 campaign fraternity now that they’ve moved on to working for Mitt, Rudy and Fred. As the campaigns heat up, we’re seeing a temporary exit from some of our favorites as they manage things in Iowa, South Carolina, etc. Jeff Grappone returned to New Hampshire to hold down the Giulani fort, we never see Clinton’s leading lady Huma Abedin in D.C. anymore and Sarah Lenti just left for New Mexico to head up a major congressional race. We’ve lost our journalists as well, Alexander Marqhardt is holed up in Nevada for CNN and John Dickerson sends dispatches from Iowa. Alex Pareene, the former Wonkette editor, just flat out left us for where he belongs, New York City.

We lost our eye candy as well. After graduating from Catholic University Law School, Marco Minuto went to New York. Katherine Kennedy went across the pond for the London School of Economics and when Ashley Taylor became engaged to Joe Robert, Jr. she stopped going out. It seems no amount lamenting about this on Late Night Shots and hosting forums about “the scene,” has brought anymore former Gucci models or beautiful blond bombshells to town. We suspect though that Wesley Fricks (newly elected Capital Club president), Princess Iman Al-Hussein (she’s back home at with mom Queen Noor), and the Zegna children who are enrolled at Georgetown will become bigger names in 2008.

We’re waiting with bated breath for 2008. With the elections, weddings (Jenna and Henry, Ashley and Joe, and?) we’re in store for a very good year.

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