The 2008 A-List

by Editorial

The President of the United States George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush

The Vice President of the United States and Mrs. Richard B. Cheney (Lynne)

His Excellency the Ambassador of Kuwait Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and Sheika Al-Sabah (Rima)

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and Mrs. Ben S. Bernanke (Anna)

The Honorable and Mrs. James H. Billington (Marjorie)

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Bradlee (Sally Quinn)

Mr. Joshua B. Bolten

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bradley (Katherine)

Justice and Mrs. Stephen G. Breyer (Joanna)

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Cafritz (Buffy)

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Case (Jean)

His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy and Mrs. Giovanni Castellaneta (Leila)

The Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao and Senator A. Mitchell McConell

The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Daly (Grega)

The Honorable and Mrs. John J. Danilovich (Irene)

Representative and Mrs. John D. Dingell (Debbie)

Mr. and Mrs. Placido Domingo (Marta)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Duvall (Luciana Pedraza)

Representative and Mrs. Rahm Emanuel (Amy)

The Honorable Adrian M. Fenty, Mayor of Washington, D.C., and Mrs. Fenty (Michelle)

Mrs. Nancy McElroy Folger (Bitsey)

The Secretary of Defense and Mrs. Robert M. Gates (Becky)

The Honorable and Mrs. Daniel R. Glickman (Rhoda)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Graham (Mary)

Senator and Mrs. Charles T. Hagel (Lilibet)

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Hitchens (Carol Blue)

Mr. and Mrs. James Hoagland (Jane Stanton Hitchcock)

Mr. Robert L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Jordan. Jr. (Ann)

Senator and Mrs. Edward M. Kennedy (Vicky)

Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy (Ethel)

Senator and Mrs. John F. Kerry (Teresa Heinz)

Mr. James V. Kimsey

Ms. Polly Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lehrer (Kate)

His Excellency the Ambassador of France and Mrs. Jean-David Levitte (Marie-Cecile)

His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland Sir David G. Manning and Lady Manning (Catherine)

The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Henry M. Paulson. Jr. (Wendy)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Willard Marriott. Jr. (Donna)

Ms. Jacqueline Badger Mars

Mr. John F. Mars
Senator and Mrs. John S. McCain. III (Cindy)

His Eminence Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

The Honorable and Mrs. John D. Negroponte (Diana)

The Honorable and Mrs. William T. Newman. Jr. (Sheila Johnson)

Her Majesty Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan

Senator and Mrs. Barack H. Obama (Michelle)

The Honorable Mary M. Ourisman and Mr. Mandell J. Ourisman

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Mrs. Pace (Lynne)

The Speaker of the House Representative Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Paul Pelosi

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Podesta (Mary)

The Honorable and Mrs. Colin L. Powell (Alma)

Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Powell. III (Nancy)

Senator and Mrs. Harry M. Reid (Landra)

Chief Justice and Mrs. John G. Roberts. Jr. (Jane)

The Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Mr. Joseph E. Robert. Jr.

Senator and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller. IV (Sharon Percy)

The Honorable Selwa S. “Lucky” Roosevelt

Mr. and Mrs. Karl C. Rove (Darby)

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Russert. Jr. (Maureen Orth)

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sant (Victoria)

Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul. II (Tricia)

Justice and Mrs. Antonin Scalia (Maureen)

The Honorable and Mrs. R. Sargent Shriver. Jr. (Eunice Kennedy)

The Honorable and Mrs. Lawrence M. Small (Sandra)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Snyder (Tanya)

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Stephanopoulos (Alexandra Wentworth)

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Stevens Jr. (Liz)

His Excellency the Ambassador of Russia and Mrs. Yuri Ushakov (Svetlana)

The Honorable and Mrs. Mark R. Warner (Lisa Collis)

The Honorable Paul D. Wolfowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodward (Elsa Walsh)

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