The 2008 Power 100

by Editorial

Part sooth-sayer, part recording device, part public watchdog: they control the information upon which the world bases its informed decisions.

Mike Allen, chief political correspondent for The Politco
Dan Balz, national political correspondent for The Washington Post
David Brooks, Columnist for The New York Times;
Ronald Brownstein, political director for Atlantic Media Company;
Jay Carney, deputy Washington bureau chief for Time Magazine
John Dickerson, chief political correspondent for Slate magazine
Maureen Dowd, columnist for The New York Times
Leonard Downie, Jr., executive editor of The Washington Post
Howard Fineman, senior Washington Correspondent and columnist for Newsweek;
Ron Fournier, writer for the Associated Press
Tom Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist for The New York Times
David Gregory, host of “Race for the Whitehouse” on MSNBC
Seymour M. Hersh, contributing writer for The New Yorker
Christopher Hitchens, columnist Vanity Fair
Brit Hume, managing editor, host of “Special Report with Brit Hume” on Fox News
Gwen Ifill, moderator and managing editor for Washington Week
David Ignatius, associate editor and columnist for The Washington Post
Michael Isikoff, investigative correspondent for Newsweek
Sandy Johnson, Washington bureau chief of the Associated Press
Jim Lehrer, Anchor of “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer” on PBS
Adam Nagourney, political columnist for The New York Times
Dana Priest, journalist The Washington Post
Tom Purdum, journalist Vanity Fair
Eugene Robinson, Associate Editor and columnist for The Washington Post
Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC
Steve Scully, senior executive producer and political editor for C-SPAN
Chuck Todd, political director for NBC News
John Wolcott, Washington Bureau chief of Knight-Ridder News Service
Adrian Wollridge, “Lexington” columnist for The Economist
Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor of The Washington Post

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