Angels in Hunt Country

by Editorial

Middleburg citizens give back munificently to the community

By Vicky Moon


We have many angels in Middleburg who are generous – and not just with their money but also with their time. Former Nixon and Ford Assistant Secretary of Commerce Lang Washburn and his wife Judy have donated to numerous local charities. In addition to writing a check, the Washburns roll up their sleeves and gather objects for a charity auction at Hill School, stand in the sun to take tickets for the Trinity Church stable tour, and address invitations for fund raisers.

One of the Washburn’s pet projects is the Windy Hill Foundation, on the west end of the village, which offers low income housing along with after school and tutoring programs. And in the “you can never tell when an angel will arrive’ department, consider the late John Levis. He began fixing broken pipes at Windy Hill, and when he died in 2005, his estate generously provided new housing for the elderly with what is now called Levis Hill House. His long-term commitment to the community also includes an endowment fund at Hill School.

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