Freer and Sackler Galleries’ Gala

by Editorial
Frank Wisner with Gwen and Stuart Holliday

Frank Wisner with Gwen and Stuart Holliday

Location: Smithsonian Institution
WL SPONSORED – Photos By Kyle Samperton

THE EVENT: The Freer and Sackler Galleries’ gala dinner featured an Indian theme, a chance to preview Mughal masterpieces on loan from the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin and plenty of opportunities to meet a real maharaja and his entourage amid tented garden splendors. THE SCENE: His Highness Gaj Singh II Maharajah of Marwar-Jodhpur didn’t mind being ogled by the intimate crowd of 150 guests at the $1,500-a-pop event – after all he was wearing a colorful turban on his head and (what else?) jodhpurs with no boots, in the Indian style. Patrons did finally hush down, however, when he gently admonished them for rudely chatting during his earlier introduction by Freer and Sackler director Julian Raby. THE GUESTS: Gala chairwoman Grace Bender, former Ambassador to India Frank G. Wisner II (whose wife, Christine de Ganay, is French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s step-mother), Ann and Bill Nitze, Aniko Gaal Schott, Calvin and Jane Cafritz and former Freer/Sackler director Milo Beach.

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