Social Solstice

by Editorial
Bonnie McElveen Hunter and Alma Gildenhorn

Bonnie McElveen Hunter and Alma Gildenhorn

Juggernaut hostesses, priceless porcelain, and Tom Hanks’ socialite crush.

By Donna Shor

A group of legendary ladies from Dallas arrived for Bonnie McElveen-Hunter’s luncheon honoring philanthropist Ruth Altshuler, one of that town’s leading movers and shakers. The event, a triumph of planning and charm, included 40 brilliant and high-powered women. Lucky Roosevelt, one of the local guests who knows a thing or two about effective organizing, said, “Everything Bonnie does is flawless. It started on time and ended on time, and she kept it moving and fun.”

Actually, the event reflected Bonnie’s life. She’s ten women rolled into one, juggling service as the first female chairman of the American Red Cross with running Pace Communications (which publishes most of the U.S. in-flight airline magazines); finding time for family life with her husband, son, and mother; and maintaining a busy social life. Guests included Margot (Mrs. Ross) Perot, Lucky’s houseguest; Elaine Agather of J.P. Morgan; Gene Jones, chairman of the Dallas Cowboys and major sponsor of the Jefferson Library at the Library of Congress; Jean Baderschneider, a vice-president of ExxonMobil; PR whiz Laurie Peat; Peggy Sewell; Nancy Dedman; Marcia Mayo; Rae Evans; Melanie Schelhaus; Ann Korologos of the Rand Corporation; and Susan Sherwin, vice president of The Aspen Institute.

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