The 2008 Balls and Galas Chairs Photoshoot

by Editorial
Abigail Blunt

Abigail Blunt. (Photo by Clay Blackmore)

Abigail Blunt
Co-Chair of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Ambassadors Ball
What is the best advice you’ve ever received about chairing a fundraiser?Think about the recipients of the funds raised, and you won’t be afraid to ask for money.
What do you do the day after the gala is over?Call and thank those who made it happen: the donors, staff, and volunteers. And follow up on outstanding pledges.
Who would be your dream guest?Lena Horne, Neil Cavuto, or Ann Romney — three brilliant examples of people with MS who live full and productive lives — thanks to the extraordinary medical treatments now available due in large part to funds raised at events like the Ambassador’s Ball.
Who makes the best gala date?
My husband.
What causes you the most stress when chairing a large party?Weather and empty seats!

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