The 2008 Balls and Galas Chairs Photoshoot

by Editorial
Samia Farouki

Samia Farouki. (Photo by Clay Blackmore)

Samia Farouki
Co-Chair of the Harman Center for the Arts Gala
Who would be your dream guest?
Nelson Mandela. I will remember as long as I live the magic he brought to a dinner I attended in his honor!
Have you had any really embarrassing gala moments?
When I chaired the Aspen Institute annual summer dinner, a huge storm forced us to remove the fabulous lanterns from the ceiling of the tent. They were the piece de resistance. Thank God everything worked out in the end.
What is the best gala you’ve attended as a guest?
A benefit dinner for Creative Time, which is an organization in New York. My daughter Dana sits on the board and was with her husband, the youngest co-chair. It was so creatively done and very amusing.
What is your favorite venue in Washington?
The Building Museum even though it can be very challenging. But when it works it is amazing!
Which is more important to you, informing the guests or entertaining them?
Keeping them engaged. Whatever it takes!
What’s the best gift bag item you’ve ever received?
The George Jansen letter opener we gave out at the event I chaired for the Forger Library.
When is the best time to hold a gala?
I think events in September are great because everybody is back and ready for the season.
What the best advice you’ve ever received about chairing a fundraiser?
Don’t let it drag!

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