The 2008 Balls and Galas Chairs Photoshoot

by Editorial

Beth Dozoretz

Beth Dozoretz
Co-Chair of the Harman Center for the Arts Gala
What’s the ideal number of people at a dinner table, 6, 8, or 10?
I like putting 10 people at a table for 8. Ethel Kennedy once told me that it is best to seat people shoulder to shoulder for great table conversation.
What is the most enjoyable part of planning a gala?
Working with Samia Farouki because she has boundless energy, she is completely determined, her taste is superb, and she’s just so much fun to be with.
What causes you the most stress when chairing a large party?
Making sure everyone is seated in a place that makes them feel special and honored.
Who is your favorite caterer?
Washington is blessed with several amazing caterers. Two of my favorites are Design Cuisne and Susan Gage.

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