Talking ’bout a Resolution

by Editorial
Becca Glover and her exemplary fiancé Pepper Watkins

Becca Glover and her exemplary fiancé Pepper Watkins

Set personal goals to launch your social season.

By Edie Van Horn

The 2008-2009 social season began last month with a private soirée at the home of Calvin and Jane Cafritz and will end after the Opera Ball in June. With so many parties and personalities to consider, it’s the perfect time to make a New Social Season Resolution (NSSR), or two, for the coming months. There is always room for improvement, and last month provided some perfect examples of how to be better butterflies.

Madison turns five!

The “pre-resolutions” Edie Van Horn might have written something like, “There were lollipops and ferris wheel rides for lucky little girls at L2 the other night. The party celebrated the fifth birthday of the Madison, and was jointly sponsored by MENSA and NuvaRing.” Wait. Stop! How could I be so catty, shallow, and downright ghasp boring? Ergo, my NSSR #1 is to think of something more interesting to say about the Madison’s attractive, successful, philanthropic young ladies. I resolve to forego the easy lay-up, and instead say, when prompted, “Actually, I met the ever so charming Sarah Servesherself last week. Did you know that she’s the chief of staff to Senator Reelectme?”

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