Talking ’bout a Resolution

by Editorial

Fizzy Water

Guess what? Put lipstick on the Grog and Tankard, and it turns into the Gin and Tonic! The newly-christened G&T celebrated a soft-opening this month with a packed-house dance party presided over by co-owner Fritz Brogan of Gryphon Room fame. Word to the wise: if they look too young to be you, they probably are – but that doesn’t mean their party isn’t the best fun to be had all week. The Y&GL isn’t getting any Y-er, and I, for one, am guilty of having occasionally turned my back on a great party because it felt too pre-school, too packed, or too plebian. Which brings us to my NSSR #2: Starting now, this junior cougar resolves to retract her claws and welcome the younger set. Cheers to Fritz for ushering in a great crowd and some new faces. I look forward to flirting with many of them.

Serving up good examples at L2

It’s easy to get ticked off when bouncers won’t let you into a club because of a dress code violation, and, faced with this situation, the lesser among us might be tempted to make a snide comment about who’s judging whom. So, when I heard recently that Pepper Watkins, the charming, dapper fiancé of Becca Glover, was refused entry to L2 based on the bottom-half of his hipster suit, I immediately thought: But, what would Pepper do? Answer? Dr. Watkins would dash home without a word of protest, prompting his betrothed to muse, “Oh brother. I’ll bet he shows back up in his revenge tuxedo.” Like superman in the phone booth, Pepper returned 20 minutes later in an impeccable dinner jacket, and got waived through without a hitch. His example is my NSSR #3: In an increasingly list-obsessed town, I resolve to gracefully play by the rules at the door, no matter how arbitrary, pointless, inconvenient, or unevenly applied they are.

Adieu to the Embassy

This being the Diplomatic Issue, I would be remiss if I didn’t report on the end of an era at a certain house on Q Street in Georgetown, which, for the past decade, has been occupied by a steady stream of charming young men, among them: Mat Lapinski, Jeff Grappone, Harlow Voorhees, Matt Marchant, Graham O’Donohue, and Bryce Worth. Affectionately known as The Embassy to their mostly Y&GL guests, this house has, over time, acquired a well-deserved reputation for parties in the classic style – generous cocktails, furniture pushed out of the way, and civilized hours. And so, when I learned that the last four remaining residents recently moved out, my NSSR #4 became clear: to pick up where The Embassy left off, and host at least one low-key cocktail party at my house this season. I hope you’ll do the same. Thanks for ten great years, boys.

In closing, there are no hard and fast rules of behavior in society; one learns by watching others, and sooner or later we all set an example for someone else, whether we know it or not. Happy season, my dears.

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