Absolute (Un)Certainty

by Editorial

How to cope with the great unknowns

By Edie VanHorn

The newly-minted “Mr. and Mrs. Lett” were among a number of autumn nuptials this month.

The newly-minted “Mr. and Mrs. Lett” were among a number of autumn nuptials this month.

Life’s big questions seem especially weighty between the ages of 25 and 40. For instance, what does my birth control really control? Do Red Bull Vodkas make me look cheap, or smart and alert? Is my boss really flirting with me … or am I flirting with him? With any luck, we find answers to some of them, and ditch the ones we’re not likely to figure out. Just this month I came across a few anecdotes to illustrate how some of us are coping with the “ifs,” and “as ifs,” during these uncertain years. Some will serve as inspirations, others as warnings.

Partner Up (and Settle Down)
This fall, some of the best couples I know decided to forego the June swoon to say “I do” amid the falling leaves. First in line were Nancy Margaret Ray and Andy Adler, the belle and the bachelor, whose Mississippi nuptials were enhanced by Michael Saylor’s decision to fly the entire back room of L2 down to the Magnolia State for the 500-plus person bacchanal. Later that month, not-so-rugged individualists Becca Glover and Pepper Watkins tied the knot in a private ceremony, capped off by a primo party at Juleanna Glover’s Kalorama townhouse, where guests danced to a blues band of Pepper’s pickled prepsters. Tate Yost and Gideon Lett rounded out the festivities with a rehearsal dinner at the Metropolitan Club and a divine reception at the Hay-Adams. We also congratulate Lindsay Stroud, who proposed to (and got a “yes” from) Shannon Delany on Nantucket, on the beach, at sunset, with birds singing, and hermit crabs dancing. Cynics be damned – true love is real, and when the hermit crabs dance – marry him!

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