Manifesting Hope Through Art

by Editorial

By Karin Tanabe

Artist Shepard Fairey

Artist Shepard Fairey. Photo by Kyle Samperton

Let the inaugural games begin. It’s the afternoon of Saturday the 17th and I’ve just trotted to four different inaugural celebrations in 18 hours—all held blocks apart celebrating the same iconic event, yet every one unique in their atmosphere.

The first fête I clicked my heels Friday evening was the launch of Manifest Hope DC, held in the vast space that used to house Artefacto furniture on M Street. In conjunction with, Irvine Contemporary Gallery, artist Shepard Fairey, SEIU, and our magazine Washington Life, more than one hundred artists displayed work that in one innovative way or another paid homage to our 44th president.

My first thoughts when I walked out to brace for the onslaught of the 14 degree weather and my eyes turning to iceballs were, 1) why don’t we have more events like this in Washington? It would be amazing if this cavernous space remained a space for the arts and the community. And 2) I sincerely hope that very soon to be President Obama ought to be able to see this show.

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