The Obamasphere

by Editorial



Illustration by J.C. Suarès

Cover Artwork by Shepard Fairey

The New Political Landscape of Washington:
A Spotter’s Guide

Washington Life’s insiders guide to Obamaland is the most comprehensive listing of administration personnel that exists outside the office of the new president’s transition team. Many of the players have held the reins of power under previous presidents; others are newcomers to the capital. There is always great interest in learning more about the men and women poised to govern, especially now, when current economic and foreign policy crises give their efforts a special imperative.

Compiled through exhaustive research, interviews, and discussions with people involved in the transition process, the guide has been fully updated since its initial publication in our Holiday and Inauguration Issue, as well as expanded to include recent appointments and newly added positions. This significant expansion required some reorganization, into general categories, of the more than 200 key individuals of influence in the new administration, which should make them easier to identify. What emerges from each of these issue areas is a snapshot of the diverse group that will be formulating administration policy, plus some biographical background, a few fun facts, and the history of their relationships with the president. We’ve also added a directory of everyone who is included in the guide, making this a useful resource for looking up administration officials and insiders before and after business meetings or social events.

We hope this issue will serve as your essential guide to who’s who and who’s where in the new administration and that it will help you identify all the personalities you need to know in the months and years ahead.

Special thanks to Christina Wilkie, Karin Tanabe, Kelly Fisher, Kevin Chaffee, ?and Bridget Manifold who worked tirelessly on this piece.

Read on to find out about all the key players in the Cabinet.

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