Camelot in Palm Beach

KennedyJust back from Paris, Rose Kennedy in one of her purchases. The Kennedy matriarch insisted that her dresses be double lined, with the inside of her garment matching the outside, in case a breeze fluttered her skirt.

KennedysRose Kennedy and Caroline at a private party in Palm Beach, March 1975. Rose declared: “If Caroline’s mother knew she was wearing those cut-offs, she wouldn’t be very happy!”

KennedysEthel and Robert Kennedy at Palm Beach International Airport, on their way back to Washington, February 5, 1968.

KennedysAn aerial view of the “Winter White House” in 1985.

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  1. Russell Cardinal says:

    I grew up in Boston and miss being part of the city’s culture.My uncle was a close friend of the president, and as child I would listen to the ideas of urgency and vision of these two great men.I ran my life into the ground only to find that these men were my greatest teachers.I miss that feeling of hope,and commit my life to helping Americans and all who live here by traveling across this great country filming everyday people,and re-igniting the fire of urgency and vision.Please help me

    Russell Cardinal
    2940 Seminole rd
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  2. Luisa says:

    A nice place to stay with when you want to run away from the noisy city and smokes from vehicles.

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