Capitol Movement Project

by Editorial
Stephanie Jojokian and JT Taylor
Stephanie Jojokian and JT Taylor


Location: Champions and Lincoln Theatre

WL SPONSOREDPhotos by Tony Powell

Shake it: Besides the “wow” factor of having both Redskins and Wizards cheerleaders present, the annual fundraiser was a great way to support one of the area’s leading dance companies. The Big Dance: The success of co-founders Amber Yancey and Stephanie Jojokian’s efforts to provide a forum for local dancers to showcase their talents at major media events was evident once again at their annual Lincoln Theatre showcase. With innovative twists on hip hop, modern, and classical movement, CMP remains on the cutting edge of dance in the metro area. Chorus Line: Jimmy Lynn, Thomas Graham, Richard Strauss, Seelan Abraham, and Andre Collins.

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