Media Summer Sizzlers

by Editorial

Moving on

You didn’t need a Hi Def Doppler Radar reading to know it was really hot in Washington on July 16, the same night as the book party for CBS foreign correspondent Kimberly Dozier at the Kalorama home of PR whiz Gloria Dittus. A little heat didn’t stop Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton from wearing combat fatigues – making the sleeveless sun dress gals look like wimps by comparison.

Dozier’s book, Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Report – and Survive – the War in Iraq, is a gripping first hand account of what happened to her two years ago on Memorial Day when a routine mission ended with her being critically injured in a car bombing on a Baghdad street. The book serves dual purposes for the author: moving from victim to survivor and leaving it all behind.

“We are all reminded every time you turn on the news about the challenges that face our soldiers day by day, but many of us don’t realize all the dangers that are facing reporters. Kimberly is a reminder of that,” said Martha Raddatz, ABC’s chief White House correspondent.

“I’ve never been comfortable with this story being about me,” Dozier added, “but if that means that I can open up the door so people can see what it is like for the combat soldiers and for those [who] have been treating them, then it’s fine. It’s all worth it.”

The Fisher House Foundation, which provides a place to stay for family members of wounded service personnel being treated in local military hospitals, received all the proceeds of books sold at the party.

Guests: CBS colleagues David Martin, Chris Isham and Janet Leissner; WJLA anchor Gordon Peterson; Bloomberg’s Judy Woodruff; NBC Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski; and Walter Cronkite (grandson of the famed CBS anchor).

Location is all

If you’re going to have a train wreck, you might as well do it on Capitol Hill where you’ll likely fit in. That’s what radio talk show host Bill Press did when he launched his latest book, Train Wreck: The End of the Conservative Revolution (and Not a Moment Too Soon), at The Monocle.

In between fist bumps, Bill wanted to make three points perfectly clear: The Right controls everything; they’ve screwed up everything; and they should never be trusted with power again.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a long-time friend and fan of Bill’s, no doubt agreed as did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her daughter Christine, a noted filmmaker.

Fist bumping: Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Byron Dorgan, Washington Examiner columnist Patrick Gavin, literary agent Ron Goldfarb, MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson and lobbyist Debbie Dingell.

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