Farewell to the Ferraris

by Editorial
Luca and Mariachiari Ferrari

Luca and Mariachiari Ferrari

Location: Luca and Mariachiara Ferrari Residence, Kalorama and Ricardo and Isabel Ernst Residence, Hillandale

WL EXCLUSIVE: Photos by Kyle Samperton

ARRIVIDERCI: Friends gathered at two recent parties to bid farewell to popular Italian diplomats Luca and Mariachiara Ferrari, who are leaving their second Washington tour of duty to accept a new post in Madrid. NUMERO UNO: A lively gathering hosted by Isabel and Ricardo Ernst where the departing guests of honor (who also included Michele Morales and Deppie and Nikos Zaimis) were required to both sing and dance for their supper. NUMERO DUE: The Ferrari’s own festa was memorable as well, not only for the wonderful food and salsa band (playing in the garden of the old Dillon Ripley mansion), but for a special Congressional tribute to Mr. Ferrari delivered by Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.).

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