Around Town: Out in Style

by Editorial

The best in hats, helping the homeless, and a bold approach to spotting airborne human traffickers

By Donna Shor

Alison Starling and Michel Martin

Alison Starling and Michel Martin

When executive director Frank Aucella threw open the doors of Kalorama’s Woodrow Wilson House to welcome the throngs to the 21st “Perennial” Garden Party, crowned heads streamed through the doors. Crowned, in this case, with headgear ranging from boldly bizarre to the simply beautiful. Part of the fun at this cocktail-cum-tea party is judging the hats for oneself before the official ranking takes place. Imprudent fashionistas, stilettos sinking into the sod, watched as the winners paraded past in the multi-leveled garden.
Among this year Best Hat Contest winners: For Vintage/Traditional (Lady): Sassy Jacobs, (Gentleman): Gen. Samuel K. Lessey; Live Flower hats: Sarah Salomon and Dr. Damien Doyle; Show Stoppers: Betsy Santarlasci and Greg Muhlner; Best Ensemble: Rhoda Septilici and John McEachern; with Honorable Mention to Foree Biddle. The handsome Georgian Revival mansion, once home to our 28th president, is filled with Wilson family memorabilia, and is a true “living textbook” of American history.

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