On August 28th-30th America’s Fashion Week (AFW) will be held at the Gaylord Resort, National Harbor. This event has been created to continue the momentum of the “Yes We Can” outlook. AFW feels that it is time for us to come together as Americans and not just “represent our region”, but represent our great country. At AFW we intend to celebrate that which connects us, and admire those things that individualize us.
America’s Fashion Week’s main purpose is to facilitate connections. After making a connection, a relationship is built, and finally a creation is made. The creation of jobs, pride for our country, and respect for others is key in rebuilding, rediscovering, and reinvesting in America.

This event was developed with the importance of supporting home made products in mind. AFW will spot light the American designer, make-up artist, hair stylist, and photographer.

AFW is comprised of 3 components; networking, education, and exhibition.

AFW is proud to announce the presence of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s hair stylist Johnny Wright, also the host of a reality television Show (to be announced),
Jonathan Martin, famous beauty and fashion photographer Ed Ruiez of Hair Expressions, A Paul Mitchell partner school, and a host of others.

AFW believes that in order to make major strides in the industry, you have to be connected to those making major strides.

AFW would like to invite you to take part in the process of rebuilding America, one event at a time.

Date: Aug-28th through 30th

Time: 6pm

Location: Gaylord National Harbor (MD)

Attire: Fashionable

Ticket/Pricing Information:

Reinvest, Recover, and Rediscover America Through America’s Fashion Week.

Recently added Banana Republic
Special thanks to Tina Durisseaux of Eunicestyle

Friday August 28th
12:00 noon Final model call. Washington Redskin Cheerleaders to attend

7:00 pm comedy show with BETs Pierre Edwards. $25

Saturday August 29th
8:00- 12:00 noon meet and ask the experts. Johnny Wright (First Lady Michelle Obama’s hair stylist), Jonathan Martin (fashion photographer), Ed Ruiez (Hair Expressions, A Paul Mitchell partner school), and many more. Will be there to answer questions and share experiences. FREE

5:00pm doors open for the runway
6:00pm the runway show begins $40
9:00pm Live Jazz, R and B, and DJ $40

Sunday August 30
12:30 boarding
1:00pm VIP yacht brunch $75

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