Who’s Next: Drew Chafetz

by Editorial

Why the focus on soccer?

Soccer is second nature to everyone in the world, except in the States – and we’re getting there. It’s a catalyst for hope, inspiration, and opportunity, and an incredible instrument for social change. 

How does Love.fútbol help?

We provide a physical platform to further other goals such as education, conflict resolution, and avoiding drugs and gang activity. Physical safety is important, too. Kids playing street soccer get killed by cars all of the time.

How does your model operate?

We finance the raw materials and guide construction, but the communities donate the land and labor. The cost is actually quite modest: only about $5,000 for a space that is as simple as can be: a street soccer pitch.

You work incredibly hard for almost no money.

My friends took different paths, but I felt a responsibility to take on injustice that is personal to me and that I can do something about. Money is important, but this is more important. 

How do you know it’s worth all the effort?

When I see a 15-year-old coaching an eight-year-old on one of our fields instead of in a trash dump, and realize that would never have happened otherwise.

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