Planning Your Dream Event

by Editorial

These event consultants are masters at organizing elaborate engagement parties and weddings down to the last perfect detail. Here are a few of their stories:


Red daisies and Swarovski crystal (Photo by Geoff Chesman)

Red daisies and Swarovski crystal (Photo by Geoff Chesman)


Last Minute Miracles 

By Kathleen Doyle, Sales & Marketing Coordinator 
Janet Flowers Wedding and Event Design

A recent “adventure” occurred when a bride called six weeks prior to her wedding (instead of the usual nine-to-twelve months in advance) after a dispute with her previous consultant. She needed complete design, production, and management for her ceremony as well as the reception. Our entire team immediately went to work, putting in calls to many of our industry friends to help us pull it off. Without these solid relationships, the task would have been impossible to accomplish within such time constraints. 

The chic, modern reception was based upon a red, white and black color palette, with each custom-designed table requiring an equally unique floral design. For example, each white lacquer shadow box surface was tailored with unique patterns and textures beneath one-inch Plexiglas toppers. Another “cabaret effect” table design required glass cylinders filled with red gerbera daisies and topped by dripping red Swarovski crystals.

Our client was thrilled that we fulfilled all her wishes for a “dream wedding.” Remember, confidence and trust in your design team is critical to your peace of mind as well as the ultimate success of any event. 


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