Around Town: The Season Starts

by Editorial

Lynda Webster serves coffee to the ladies and the Killions prepare to return to the City of Light.

By Donna Shor

David and Kristin Killion (left) with hosts Ray and Shaista Mamood


Guests at Lynda Webster’s annual coffee klatch at the Chevy Chase Club look forward to renewing ties and renewing ties after summer’s hiatus. Seen: Vicki Sant, Jan Donaldson, Nini Ferguson, Alexine Jackson, Wilma Bernstein, Evelyn DiBona, Bitsey Folger, Marion Rosenthal, and WWD’s Susan Watters.

Sonya Bernhardt, the owner of The Georgetowner and The Downtowner was there, as was Beth Solomon, who has just been named executive editor of both publications. Pam Kessler was being congratulated on her husband Ron’s latest New York Times best-seller; The President’s Secret Service is a behind the scenes tell-all about the lives – and dilemmas – of the men who have guarded the presidents and their families over the years.

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