Modern Masterpieces

by Editorial

Transformer’s Victoria Reis on the art of collecting.

Victoria Reis and Carlotta Hester

Victoria Reis and Carlotta Hester

Transformer, a Washington based non-profit visual arts organization, launched Collector’s View in the spring of 2008 to pursue a better understanding of the artwork people collect, the relationships collectors have with artists, and why people live with certain works of art. This decidedly different series provides an opportunity to intimately view some of Washington’s best privately-owned contemporary art collections, engaging these visionary art supporters in dialogue with artists, critics, and other patrons of the arts. The 2008 Collector’s View hosts included: Heather & Tony Podesta, Shigeko & Tim Bork, Jan & Peter Hapstak, and Christine Varney & Tom Graham. This year’s series’ hosts included: Barbara & Aaron Levine, Farinaz & Dadi Akhavan, Lorie Peters Lauthier, and Paul Yandura & Donald Hitchcock.

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