Our Diplomatic Family

Contributing Editor and Diplomatic Dance columnist on the tightly-knit Embassy Row community.

Gail Scott with  Ichiro Fujisaki

Gail Scott with Ichiro Fujisaki

This fall is different and we all seem more like “family.” Washington’s new political atmosphere has spread to Embassy Row: fresh, young diplomatic families bringing their high energy and hopes to their residences and chanceries, just the way the Obamas have filled the White House, the Oval Office, and the South Lawn with their new ideas and lifestyle choices. Veteran envoys of all races, religions, and cultures seem happier to be here. Never have so many non-Muslims celebrated breaking the Ramadan fast at sundown with their diplomatic Arab colleagues. British Sir and , among many other ambassadorial couples representing Muslim-minority countries, welcomed their diplomatic colleagues from Muslim-majority countries into their official homes. “This was a first for us,” said Sir Nigel. “An experiment, you might say, but we would like to continue this new tradition each year to show goodwill to our Muslim friends.”

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