Qubad Talabany

Kurdistan’s Man in Washington.

Qubad Talabany relaxes in his office next to a collection of works by Kurdish artists.

relaxes in his office next to a collection of works by Kurdish artists.

After ten years’ toil, Iraqi President ‘s 32-year-old son has become an unquestionably effective spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government’s cause in Washington. Sleek, suave, and Savile-Row-suited, with an easy manner and considerable persuasive powers, he delivers a powerful message about a rare U.S. success story in the : a mostly peaceful and prosperous region with little need for outside ground forces, and an emerging democracy where 80 percent of the voters turned out for the July 25 regional parliamentary elections.

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  1. Northern Iraq (Kurdistan Region)is a quiet success and hopefully will continue building the ties neccesary for their stability and security by forging solid relations with it’s neighbors – (Iran & Turkey primarily).

    The culture is extensive with a rich history dating back centuries. I studied the area’s art history for referral when I was contacted by a mural-painting company called “Lateral Passage” in Dubai for representation – to be able to create suitable artwork when commission projects arise in the Middle East.

    Garrett McCarthy

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