The Creative List: TV and Film

by Editorial

Smile for the Cameras. Meet some of the metro region’s leading film, television, and video professionals.

Abby Greensfelder and Sean Gallagher. (Photo by Anchyi Wei)

Abby Greensfelder and Sean Gallagher. (Photo by Anchyi Wei)

AMERICAN GOTHIC REALITY: Meet the co-owners and executive producers of the Bethesda-based Half Yard Productions: Abby Greensfelder and Sean Gallagher. Before they headed out on their own, the two ex-Discovery Channelers were some of the brains behind “Deadliest Catch,” “Dirty Jobs,” and “Miami Ink” (TLC), to name only a few of their projects. “We felt like the time was right to be on the other side of the table,” Gallagher says. Why are they relevant? Half Yard was tapped by Bravo to bring “The Real Housewives of D.C.” to life. We like to think politicians have all the control in Washington, but in reality TV, the editors and producers have ultimate authority. Currently, no production team has more power to mold the image of both housewives and our city than Abby and Sean. That is the reality of today’s American Gothic.

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