The Creative List: New Media

by Editorial
Peter Corbett (Photo by Anchyi Wei)

Peter Corbett (Photo by Anchyi Wei)

Here are some of our top New Media professionals. But we can’t list everyone. Who do you think should be here? Paste your comments below.

Teresa Carlson, V.P. for U.S. Federal Government, Microsoft Public Sector
Fed sales for evolving software company powering most of the government’s computers.

Aneesh Chopra, Federal Chief Technology Officer
One of the most innovative and articulate tech thinkers to hit town.

John Culberson, Congressman from the Texas 7th District
Considering by those-in-the-know to be the most Web 2.0 savvy elected official on the Hill.

Mark Drapeau, Social Media Bon vivant
From teaching at GW and the DOD’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy to strategizing at O’Reilly Radar, Drapeau is a leading social media mind and personality.

Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the FCC
Decision maker with broad influence over how Americans access and use the Web. Founded LaunchBox with Sean Greene and John McKinely.

Shana Glickfield, Online Community Director
Uber tech connector and D.C. social media influencer.

Sean Greene, co-founder, LaunchBox
His early stage investment firm helps entrepreneurs jump-start their concepts. Founded the travel network before selling it to Orbitz.

Allyson Kapin, Founder Partner, Rad Campaign
The pioneering online advocacy guru also founded “Women Who Tech,” a telesummit for women in the non-profit and political campaign world.

Beth Simone Noveck, Andrew McLaughlin and Katie Stanton, The White House
Noveck headed up Obama’s Open Government Initiative and is Deputy CTO of the U.S., McLaughlin was a Google heavyweight who now serves as deputy chief technology officer of Internet Policy; Stanton is the director of citizen participation.

Tim O’Shaughnessy, co-founder and CEO, LivingSocial
On the cutting edge of leveraging the power of social media to convince people together to purchase, review and share their favorite things.

Hooman Radfar, co-founder and CEO, Clearspring
The McLean-based firm promises “Your Content. Everywhere” and boasts 470 million unique users of its widgets across more than 80 platforms and sites, including us – we use it for our Social Calendar widget.

Steve Ressler, President of
Former fed now working full-time on the rapidly-growing premiere social network for govies.

Alec Ross, Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Secretary of State
An original thinker in a traditional agency, creating a 21st century culture of diplomacy .

Dick Stapleton, Deputy Director of Web Communications and New Media
HHS used social media effectively to help citizens during the peanut product recall.

Janet Yang, Venture Capitalist, Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Has the power and funds to launch your online business. On the board of CivicUS and serves as a Board Observer for portfolio companies: Avail Media, eMinor, Freewebs, Starfish Retention Solutions, and Ztar Mobile.

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