The Creative List: Events

by Editorial

Introducing D.C.’s 24 hour party people. They promise to breathe the life and soul into any event.

David Stark at the Meridian ball (Photo by Tony Powell)

David Stark at the Meridian ball (Photo by Tony Powell)

MASTER EVENT PLANNER: DAVID STARK was recruited to design this year’s Meridian ball by his friend, Democratic fundraiser and hostess Beth Dozoretz. Whether he’s turning discarded film reels into centerpieces for the Film Society of Lincoln Center or collecting logs in maine to accent an elegant wedding, he will always end up doing the unexpected. In the ball’s afterglow, Gwen Moore Holliday interviewed the New York designer.

How does Washington compare to other cities where you hav worked? Washingtonians really push me to break new ground creativity. I always walk away from a party here feeling that we have done some of our best work, and I thank our clients and friends for pushing us to do that.

What cultures have influenced you? I love to travel and find just about any place interesting. Drop me in Bayonne, New Jersey, and I will find something cool! Our new collection of holiday decorating items for West Elm was initially inspired by a trip to the Dominican Republic.

What adjustments have people made due to the recent economic challenges? We focus on coming up with interesting new ideas that are all about ingenuity and less about the cash register ringing. People should walk into a party and say, “Wow!” They should not be thinking at all about the cost. The value of a good idea is priceless!

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