Music Notes: Pretty Lights, Live Show Review

by Columnist

Pretty Lights at 9:30 Club

Pretty Lights at 9:30 Club

The crowd showed early to catch the opening DJ duo, Gramatik, and to get a good standing spot, for everyone knew it was going to be jam-packed. When Pretty Lights finally hit the stage, 9:30 Club was transformed into an insane dance floor. Combining elements of hip-hop, electronica, rock, soul and classical music, Pretty Lights filled the club with pulsating beats that appealed to every music lover in attendance last night. The crowd was not letting Pretty Lights get away without an encore, and when the duo came back on stage, Smith yelled to the crowd,  “We are going to play until they kick us out!” and the two mixed beats well into the early morning hours with as much energy and noise as they started out with. The crowd barely dwindled on this Wednesday night, nor did the dancing frenzy cease at all.

If you missed the show, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be too long before they’re back. You can download three of their albums, Taking Up Your Precious Time, Filling Up The City Skies, and the recently released Passing By Behind Your Eyes free on their web site, but listening to them in your car on the way to work just doesn’t compare to the live show experience. You have got to see them in action to fully understand and appreciate Pretty Light’s unique style. Be sure to catch them the next time they play in D.C.

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