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Many people search for their true purpose because they have a strong desire to give back and participate with like minded citizens to “change the world.” The reality is, the world has been changed dramatically by our historical heroes and we must diligently maintain the practices that enhance and solidify freedoms that are relatively new to human history. While the great struggles for the rights of children, workers, women and minorities in America was won in the courts decades ago, the law must still hold accountable individuals and institutions that are regressive in the protection of free people in America. There are brilliant legal eagles that fight lengthy, labor intensive and procedurally tedious battles for the rights of individuals within our society. Some of the greatest legal minds in the District specialize in defending these freedoms and represent patriotic legal excellence.

Within this small niche of equal rights attorneys, Donald Temple’s boutique firm is a pearl within our capital city’s resources for those who seek legal remedies for unjust practices. In the tradition of other Howard alumnus currently exercising local legal power include US Senator Roland Burris, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, Mr. Temple utilizes his leadership capacity not to administer the legal apparatus, but to preserve legal rights. Mr. Temple is a recognized constitutional and international law scholar and is also a frequent public lecturer. He has started a myriad of organizations throughout his professional career and during his studies at Howard University, Santa Clara Law School and Georgetown Law Center. Mr. Temple is widely known for dozens of professional awards, international political development in Hungary and the former Yugoslavia; he also worked closely with Johnnie Cochran and his firm to successfully win numerous legal battles. Power Source recognizes Donald Temple’s intellectual and patriotic energy as a shining example of civic excellence within our city.

There are millions of people throughout our republic that strive to achieve the American dream; Donald Temple’s devotion to protect the rights of the people and their dreams makes him a central operator in the living and breathing legal tradition that our nation enjoys. The Power Source willfully acknowledges the majesty of the law and the passion of Mr. Donald Temple who is dedicated to placing emphasis on the past, present and future of human civil liberty. Many legal revolutions that have taken place in American courtrooms and legislatures have yet to reach the billions of people who are the most vulnerable when monetary issues dissolve the opportunity for justice. The courtroom is a battlefield for important and procedural revolution. It is safe to say that any battle fought by Donald Temple will be a fight worth observing.

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Learn more about Adoria Doucette

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