Get Out & Give Back: Connecting With Haiti

Thirty years ago my Dad sponsored the village of Calvaire, located on the northwestern coast of Haiti.  I’ve been thinking about the villagers nonstop since the earthquake struck.


Sister Alodie and her megaphone

and her megaphone

The catastrophe in Haiti is all over the news. While it’s nearly impossible not to feel compassion for anyone who has been devastated by an act of nature, I’ve felt a stronger connection with the Haitians than with the Indonesian tsunami victims, the millions of people displace or killed by the earthquake in Pakistan, and even the citizens of New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina slammed them.

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3 Responses

  1. Ann Elder Hess says:

    Maybe my husbands legacy will be that he inspired others to help. What I most remember about the Haitian people is there great joie de vivre.These malnourished children were so full of love and happiness, they never walked, they skipped, and they sang as they ran.A bowl of rice, some beans and a can of condensed milk were their reward for attending school each day and they took it home and fed their families with it. They would hold their little arms up for us to hold them, and tug on our clothes so we would reach down and speak to them. They are a lovable people and deserve our compassion.

  2. Petra says:

    Wow that’s a really inspiring story. That’s what true social justice is about – it’s about individuals who contribute to make a difference in others lives. I like that his seemingly small contribution each month was able to make such a big difference because there was no waste – like there would be if the government were involved.

  3. Carol Elder says:

    Your dad was a special person who demonstrated that one person can make a difference. We shouldn’t wait for the government to take care of things, we can all do it ourselves on little step at a time. I am inspired.

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