Fashionable Life: DC Fashion Week Recap

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DC Fashion Week kicked off with the Eco and Fair Trade Show

Textile Museum
By Monifa Smart
60s inspired dress by Ceci. G. Eco and Fair Trade Show.

60s inspired dress by Ceci. G. Photo by Damion Miller

Heavenly creations from contemporary Japanese designers floated effortlessly above the runway at the kickoff event for DC Fashion Week on February 15th.   The Textile Museum provided an intimate ambiance for the Eco and Fair Trade Fashion Show presented by Avani Ribbon. Models sporting eco-friendly designs slinked through the standing crowd of about a 100 onlookers.



Peruvian Trend



Melissa Lew

What We Liked: Sixties inspired mod dresses by Ceci G. were by far the most fashion forward designs of the night.  Cecilia Guerra infused her outfits with vivid colors and feminine detailing.  The look of the night was a little black dress with a plunging neckline and a razorback adorned with rosettes.

As an aside, scantily clad male models set the runway ablaze wearing strategically placed woolen scarves.

We Did Not Like: The best way to showcase clothing is the traditional runway format- models parading in a straight line with seats at each side.  Standing in a crowded gallery with models parting their way through the audience diminishes the grandeur of the occasion.

Final Thought: The overall message of eco-friendly and fair trade designs is an extremely noble cause. Using recycled, re-purposed, and sustainable goods to construct their fashions, these designers are doing their part to save our environment.  Local craftsman in fair trade conditions, ensuring proper compensation and safe working surroundings, made most of the clothing. That being said, glamour does not have to be sacrificed for the production of these garments.


Woolen scarf by Peruvian Trend

Woolen scarf by Peruvian Trend. Photo by Damion Miller

Cure your winter blues with a colorful tote from Blumpari.  Eco and Fair Trade Fashion Show at the Textile Museum.

Tangerine and metallic tote by Blumpari. Photo by Damion Miller

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