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DC Fashion Week: Final Night

Embassy of France
By Ansley Brown
A beaded detail gown hits the runway

A beaded detail gown hits the runway by Saman Zar. Photo by Damion Miller

The finale to D.C Fashion Week took place on Feb. 21 at the Embassy of France and showcased designers from the around the world-some new and some from two days ago.  Unlike events earlier in the week, the finale captured the essence of what a fashion week should be: Glamorous people, cocktail attire, and a runway with proper lighting.


Cameron Gray

Corjor International Couture

Destiny’s Creations and Designs

Elizabeth St.John



House of Jola



Saman Zar

Thinkking Hats

Van Maele

What We Liked: Two designers stood out immensely within the sea of fashion fish. The Saman Zar collection captured Pakistani woman’s wear which used traditional silks and beaded details to showcase the under appreciated textile industry in East Asia. Ruby color and floral designs were often shown on tunics and casual loose fitting pants. The collection also showcased traditional Pakistani garments that are rarely seen in the western world. This included brightly colored traditional sari’s and intricately beaded mid-drift tops with matching satin pants.

Corjor International House of Couture also brought a very unique twist to the runway. All models were dressed as glamorous woodland animals that could rival the National Zoo any day of the week. It was impressing to witness the transformation of outdoor beauty paired with formal wear to create a unique twist that actually worked in the designers favor.  One model strutted, or should I say pranced down the runway, in a full length beaded dress paired with an ostrich feather shoulder scarf. There was also a very well crafted sand colored leopard jacket paired with a hat constructed completely of twigs and branches. The Earth Mother look brought a new feel to the French Embassy and definitely stood out amongst the other designers of the evening.

A creation by TATA once again fell a tad short on the runway

A creation by TATA once again fell a tad short on the runway. Photo by Damion Miller

What We Did Not Like: Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, you might have to take one step back to take two steps forward.  As the women in the audience adjusted their skirts and sipped on wine from the mini bar, the first step backwards was announced. Designer TATA, showcased her collection for the second time that week and unfortunately did not improve at all from her last showcase. More black leggings created from a very odd fabric and more shredded black dresses. Miss D.C was in yet another ill-fitted wedding dress which she looked displeased to be in. Ean Williams, Executive Director of D.C Fashion Week, commentated throughout the entire show, which could only be compared to the theatrics at a Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta. His need to talk throughout the show took value away from it, and put unnecessary emphasis on a man who would have been better off behind the scenes doing what an executive director should be doing-ensuring that the prop balloons, which floated to the ceiling, did not pop all throughout the show. But unfortunately, the prop balloons did pop all throughout the show and delicately landed on the models heads and shoulders as they walked the runway. Mr. Williams pressed on unfazed.

Final Thought: There is boastfulness when referencing D.C fashion Week. It is noted as being one of the fastest growing international fashion shows in the world. Although the speed of that growth can be debated until the first hint of Spring arises, a couple issues need to change if D.C Fashion Week ever wants to witness top buyers from Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus or Saks, at their shows. First, it is necessary for the production staff to put on fashion shows that would make the Linda Fargo want to come. No more events in hourly rented conference rooms in hotels. No more designers that do not have websites for their collections, which many of them do not. No more commentating  and miscellaneous trivia from the executive producer. No more popping balloons during the show, and absolutely no more Miss. America contestants in ill-fitting wedding dresses. We look forward to seeing the updated improvements in the Fall.


Created by Elizabeth St. John, wedding dresses were in full effect this season.

Created by Elizabeth St. John, wedding dresses were in full effect this season. Photo by Damion Miller

Cameron Gray featured colorful cocktail dresses which made a splash on the runway

Cameron Gray featured colorful cocktail dresses which made a splash on the runway. Photo by Damion Miller

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